Donations Financial and Others

Financial Donations are now being accepted through Bank of American Fork Account # 4679379

Items can be dropped off at 2152 Remington Ave in Saratoga Springs

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Help for Monday

We need some manpower on Monday at 6pm to help move sheetrock into the basements.  Please meet outside of 2152  Remington Ave.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Fundraising Update

We want to thank every one for their generous donations.  We have now reached $23,656!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Some of the highlights of neighbors coming together to help are: 
  • Over 50,000 hours of service onsite have been logged.  That alone is invaluable.  We estimate that in addition to the man hours that have already been given, the total needed in building materials and financial donations is over $250,000. (Home Depot and Lowes have been generous, but it does not meet the demands that this natural disaster has created.) 
  • Also, many contractors have donated their time to install new AC units, furnaces, duct work, water heaters, electrical panels, stucco, etc. which has been a huge help.  
  • In cash we are up to over $15,000 ($10,000 of that coming from Chuck-a-Rama alone).  

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fundraising Update

We have currently raised $15,496 in donations on this site.

Thank you to everyone who has worked to donate items and time to the families.  Everything you do is much appreciated!

Thank you to Home Depot and Lowes who have donated things from brooms to sheetrock!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Monster Truck Rides?

Spread the Word!

Fundraiser and Bake Sale this Saturday, 11am - 6pm, including monster truck rides! All proceeds to go to the cause.                   1484 N. Redwood Rd, by Kneaders.

Concert Fundraiser!!!

FREE Concert in the Park 

Monday Sept 17. 

Kenny Favero who will be one of the performers is donating the proceeds from his song "home" to the families.  
Go to this link and click on Saratoga Springs Families fundraiser. 

Here is the fundraiser blog. 

There will be a bake sale and other concessions to raise money for the mud slide families. 

Fundraising Update

We have currently raised $14,794 in donations on this site.

Another huge thanks to Chuck-a-Rama for donating $10,000 of that.  Take your family out to eat this weekend at Chuck-a-Rama to say thanks!

We have only had 2 people volunteer to man the tables at Walmart.  Lets just open it up and say if you have and time between 10-8 please head over there and help out.  This would be a great opportunity for teenagers to help, too. (After school hours!)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thanks Chuck-a-Rama!!!!

WOW!  Chuck-a-Rama donated $10,000!  A HUGE thanks from the families!

UPDATED list is up!

If you would like to donate items, please look over the list under "What Can I Donate" at the top of the page to see what the families are in need of.  Walmart will soon have tables set up with some of the needed items making it easier for you to help out.

We have a company who is giving us building supplies at employee pricing.  If you have a large item that is not on the list, consider selling it and donating the money so the families can purchase the supplies to put the walls back up in their homes.

Fundraising Update

We now have received 24 donations totaling $2,643!  Thank you to all those who have given so generously.

Please keep the donations coming, because we have a long way to go.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

To access the list of what was lost, click on the link at the top of the page titled "What Can I Donate?"  You can drop items off at Avondale M-F from 9-3.

Facebook Page

Go "like" our Facebook page, then send it to everyone you know.

Saratoga Springs Mudslide Cleanup and Rebuilding

Let's work together to help these families.

We can do better!

As of right now, there has been over 4500 hits on this blog.  That sounds great.  But only 9 people have donated money.  We have not even raised enough to pay for one furnace.

Please open your hearts and try to put yourself in their shoes.  Imagine having 1/2 of your home full of mud.  Imagine everything that would be ruined.  Imagine no air conditioning in 90 degree weather.  Imagine your child losing every piece of clothing, furniture and toy in their room.

Please donate anything you can.  Even small amounts can add up quickly.

Monday, September 3, 2012


Thank you to all those who have come and donated their time and energy to offer relief to those impacted.  For those who are unable to give of their time physically, please consider donating a few dollars to help these families return to some form of normalcy.

Please donate money to help those in need.  Many people have lost their belongings, air conditioners washed away, furnaces destroyed by mud, and other essentials.  The Federal government will not be coming to help us, we need to step up and help our neighbors in need.

Thank you!

Money donations can be made at:

Bank of American Fork

          Account # 4679379

Salt Lake County and Davis Counties
Utah County
Toll Free

(801) 428-1046
(801) 642-3456
(800) 815-BANK (2265)