Donations Financial and Others

Financial Donations are now being accepted through Bank of American Fork Account # 4679379

Items can be dropped off at 2152 Remington Ave in Saratoga Springs

Monday, September 3, 2012


Thank you to all those who have come and donated their time and energy to offer relief to those impacted.  For those who are unable to give of their time physically, please consider donating a few dollars to help these families return to some form of normalcy.

Please donate money to help those in need.  Many people have lost their belongings, air conditioners washed away, furnaces destroyed by mud, and other essentials.  The Federal government will not be coming to help us, we need to step up and help our neighbors in need.

Thank you!

Money donations can be made at:

Bank of American Fork

          Account # 4679379

Salt Lake County and Davis Counties
Utah County
Toll Free

(801) 428-1046
(801) 642-3456
(800) 815-BANK (2265)


  1. Mia Love let us know that Saratoga Springs needs help. I'm from Georgia and want to send a donation, but online works best for me. I went to the website, but didn't see a donation link. Please post a link where we folks who love Mia, and therefore her community, can help you all out of this calamity. Hate y'all might lose a good Mayor, but we're all for Mia as a Congressman--we need her! She is so articulate, so knowledgeable, so passionate, and so capable. As we say from the South, y'all are blessed!

    1. Cindy - bless you for being willing to help and support our community. It looks like you can donate online here:

  2. There is a "DONATE" button now on the right side of the screen to pay via paypal.

  3. Some men are dropping off a water heater at Avondale today around noon as a donation. I'm assuming it will be accepted? ya?

  4. According to out count last night we are going to need around ten water heaters for the families. Yes, we are happy to receive it.

    Concerned Neighbor
    Todd Hoskins

  5. The name of the account is Funds for Saratoga Springs Flood Victims. If you go into any Bank of American Fork branch, they'll know the account. Thanks!

  6. I also have a 50 gallon water heater that is in good condition. It is a self cleaning model and was working fine when removed a few months ago. Since it is used, I wanted to make sure that it would be wanted. Thanks.

    1. Thank you so much for your generosity! As of last night, we have officially taken care of all of the water heaters and furnaces!