Donations Financial and Others

Financial Donations are now being accepted through Bank of American Fork Account # 4679379

Items can be dropped off at 2152 Remington Ave in Saratoga Springs

What Can I Donate?

It is now official that none of the lost or damaged property will be covered by insurance. These people need our help to get their lives back in order.

Items on this list are taken from the lists the families made to make insurance claims.  Obviously, some of the items are not necessities.  However, we thought if you are getting rid of a TV or Christmas tree, why not help these people as much as we can!  If you want to donate what they really "need", structural materials and building supplies are on the top of that list.

Items can be dropped off at 2152 Remington Ave in Saratoga Springs

-Christmas Tree/Decorations
-Camping gear (tent, tarps, 3 sleeping bags, lanterns, camp stove)
-Food storage
-canning equipment
-wii and games
-holiday d├ęcor


Drywall tape, mud/screws
Stairs (wood)
20 2x4s
10 treated 2x4s
exterior french door
concrete/ driveway
garage door panel
pea gravel

Landscaping in many yards has been completely destroyed.  There is still a lot of cleanup to do, so homeowners are not ready to replant.  Gift cards to nursery's would be appreciated.


Air conditioners


Carpet on the stairs
Molding and trim
blinds (3 sets)


  1. I have some women's clothes I can donate, but I work M-F from 8:30-5:30. Is there anyway you can pick the donation up? Please let me know! Thanks!

  2. I can help you with that i live in saratoga and would be delivering some donations today and tomorrow contact me

  3. I have a washer/dryer that I would love to donate. Please e-mail me ASAP.

    1. We definitely need washers and dryers, but I'm not sure if the homes are ready for them yet. As of right now, I don't know that we have anywhere to store large items. (If anyone DOES know where those can be stored, please let us know!)

    2. Josh, Jen Beuhring in the Pelican Bay neighborhood offered a 25x25 foot space in a large garage for storage. Contact me if you'd like her phone number.

  4. Is family #9 baby a boy or girl? Possibly could donate.

  5. I have a white Whirlpool fridge I can donate. Freezer on top. Probably 21 cu ft. call 801-768-1422 Troy

    1. They would love the fridge. The family has your number and will contact you. We are still trying to work out a place to put bigger items until the homes are back in order enough for them.

    2. Breanna, see my above message to Josh. :)

  6. Do you know what size of Maternity clothes for family #9?

    1. S/M Is the one from fam #9
      XS Is the other family.

  7. How often will this list be updated so we know what has been provided?

    1. I will update the list as soon as I know any changes.

  8. I have a crib mattress. Where do i take it?!

    1. To Avondale on Grandview Blvd just west of Redwood Rd

  9. Siemens Breakers

    1 - 40 Amp 2 pole

    2 - 30 Amp 2 pole

    3 - 15 Amp Arc Fault

    1 - 15 Amp Single Pole

    2 - 20 Amp Single Pole

    2 - 15 Amp Piggyback

    4 - 20 Amp Piggyback

    Square D/ Cutler Hammer

    2 - 40 Amp 2 pole

    6 - 15 Amp 1 pole

    14- 20 Amp 1 pole

    5 - 15 Amp Piggyback

    1 - 20 Amp Piggyback

    3 - 15 Amp Arc Fault

    3 - 30 Amp 2 pole

    1 - 20 Amp Arc Fault

    1 - 100 Amp 2 Pole

    Misc supplies

    Doorbell Transfromer 120 V (class 2)

    1 - 3 Way Switch

    2 - 1 Way single pole

    both switches are the flat ones

    2 - GFCI outlets

    10 blue Single gang boxes

    10 single gang outlets and covers

    Wire nuts


    12-2 Roll

    12-3 Roll

    14-2 Roll

    14-3 Roll

  10. Hello,
    My son and I saw your blog through KSL's story, and we decided to have a little drive among our friends and ward. One person has a barbecue and some other things to donate that are not on the list and is wondering if that is ok. Also, we are able to get a trailer tonight and take things over, and maybe a truck tomorrow if we collect more tomorrow, but I notice the hours to donate are not when we can come. Is there anywhere we could take stuff tonight or tomorrow? If not, can we pray for a place? Melissa Price

    1. You can take the items to 2152 Remington Avenue in Saratoga Springs. Thank you!!!

  11. Family #10 listed Fabric. My mom may be able to help with that she has enough purple fabric to make 2 twin quilts or 1 king quilt and she may have more fabric to donate depending on what they are looking for. Can you please give us some more specific's?

  12. My husband has some Square D Homeline Breakers- 4 15 amp twin breakers, 1 40 amp, possibly more. He is a journeyman electrician. I noticed you said there was an electrician doing the work, but let me know if more help is needed. I am in the process of collecting other items on the list, also.

  13. We have a sofa and a queen bed with mattress if some one can pick then up. Also a night stand and a couple of lawn chairs.
    email me

  14. Do any of the families need a queen sized bed?

  15. We have a very good quality Yamaha electric digital keyboard with stand, sheet rock screws, mud, and tape. We will bring this to the Academy tomorrow, 09.11.2012.

  16. We live in Cedar Hills...can we drop our things off at the Avondale Academy in Lehi? Or are you just collecting in Saratoga?

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