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Financial Donations are now being accepted through Bank of American Fork Account # 4679379

Items can be dropped off at 2152 Remington Ave in Saratoga Springs

Friday, September 7, 2012

Fundraising Update

We have currently raised $14,794 in donations on this site.

Another huge thanks to Chuck-a-Rama for donating $10,000 of that.  Take your family out to eat this weekend at Chuck-a-Rama to say thanks!

We have only had 2 people volunteer to man the tables at Walmart.  Lets just open it up and say if you have and time between 10-8 please head over there and help out.  This would be a great opportunity for teenagers to help, too. (After school hours!)


  1. When I was at Walmart today they did not have any items at the table - just a list of items that could be purchased. Are they going to have items there at some point?

  2. It was probably empty because only 2 people volunteered to help out. They can't have stuff on the tables if there is no one to watch it.